Bonus Room

Clients work hard learning about parenting and other topics in order to "shop" in one of our Bonus Room client stores. Please consider donating your new and like-new items to any one of our A Hope Center locations.

Bonus Room Needs

Baby Furniture (new and used)
• Cribs and mattresses
• Bassinets
• High Chairs
• Swing
• Changing Tables
• Playpens/ portable cribs
• Car seats (new only)
• Saucer baby seats (no walkers)
• Strollers

Diapers (large sizes always in greater need)
• Newborn and preemie
• Sizes 1 through 4
• Sizes 5 and 6
• Pull ups
• Baby wipes

Baby items
• All types of baby clothing up to size 2
• All types of baby footwear up to size 4
• All types of baby outerwear up to size 2T
• Receiving blankets/sleeping blankets
• Bottles and nipples (new only)
• Baby monitors
• Crib mobiles
• Baby toys (new only)
• Baby gift items
• Soft baby carriers
• Baby tubs
• Potty chairs
• Baby formula (new/unexpired)
• Baby food (new/unexpired)
• Baby clothes hangers

Maternity items
• All types of maternity clothing
• Maternity undergarments/nursing bras
• Maternity outerwear
• Personal hygiene product/makeup (new)