Life Throws Curveballs

"Back in 1987, I was on crack cocaine, addicted to playing the victimization role, pregnant and not knowing where to go or really what to do. I looked up "The Crisis Pregnancy Center," made an appointment and I kept it too! I thought this place will assist me in terminating my pregnancy and that would be the end of it... I walked into the center thinking all will be over shortly and when I walked out, I had a counselor, case manager assigned and a care plan to keep the pregnancy! That baby is now 21 years old, married and happily in love with Jesus... I do know she is alive because of the Crisis Pregnancy Center (A Hope Center) and the supportive staff who goes beyond the call of serving to reach out and instill hope that no matter how a situation appears there is always a better way to solve (than having an abortion)."       -Teresa*