Vicki Williams

Board President

Vicki Williams is an Information Technology (IT) Leader with Johnson & Johnson. In this role, Vicki collaborates with senior leadership in managing the North America IT portfolio; providing guidance in all aspects of IT portfolio management, global communication, and reporting. 

Passionate about the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, Vicki provides a unique prospective as a “PK” (preacher’s kid) right through to an adult born-again; not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ believer. Vicki knows there is nothing is too hard for God; and with God all things are possible…including changing hearts towards giving, not taking, life. She has been attending Fellowship Missionary Church since 1990.

Vicki holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion, Indiana and a Bachelor of Science in Public and Environmental Affairs (B.S.P.A.) from Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana.