Choosing Adoption

Choosing adoption for your baby is an empowering, selfless act of love. Following are some common concerns surrounding adoption decision:

Reaching your goals- Adoption allows you to reach your own personal goals that may have been interrupted by parenting a child at this point in your life.

Getting ready for motherhood- If you feel you are too young to parent, or just not quite ready for parenting, adoption allows you the time you need for being a mother when YOU choose.
Dealing with difficult circumstances- Children with known disabilities of all kinds are adoptable; there are many people waiting and willing to adopt your child. Adoptive families are available to welcome children of all races, ethnicities, and disabilities.
Knowing your baby- Most adoptions today are either open or partially open. What this means is that you can know your child. If you would rather have a confidential arrangement (closed adoption) those circumstances are available too. Either way, your baby can know that you loved him deeply enough to give him the best possible life and care. Adoptive parents consider birth moms to be courageous and heroic.
Trusting that your baby is in good hands- As a birth mother, you are in the driver's seat for decisions surrounding the adoption. You choose the adoptive parents according to all the qualities you want for your baby's upbringing. You also choose the type – open, partially open, or confidential. Studies show that 92% of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption.
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