Choosing Parenting

Is keeping my baby the right choice for me?
People raise children successfully in many living circumstances. Choosing to be a parent is a lifelong journey with many twists and turns, but you are in control. Primarily, children need an abundant supply of love and patience. Our clients often tell us that their children, in turn, have brought more joy than they ever could have imagined.
Married Parenting - Marriage is a special expression of love and commitment that instills security for every family member, especially children. Depending on one another and encouraging each other brings a teamwork to life that helps you face problems and reach goals together.
Cohabitation Parenting - Some studies show that when couples choose cohabitation over marriage their relationship is less stable. With a higher likelihood of a relationship split, children are at increased risk for abuse from a parent's partner. They may also emotionally suffer from losing the constant care from a departing parent with whom they have bonded.
Single Parenting - Healthy single parents often become resilient people who encourage their kids to adapt to life's challenges.
Foster Care -  Temporary foster care is also an option for people who are unable to raise their baby immediately after birth or need time to make adoption arrangements.
A Hope Center peer advocates can help you examine circumstances unique to your situation. The best decisions are informed decisions.
Please call or text 224-585-3544 for an appointment. Remember, no matter what the circumstances of your pregnancy, no matter what options you’re weighing … You are welcome here. You are safe here. You will find help here.