Patient's Rights at an Abortion Clinic

Protect Yourself - Know your rights

  • Informed consent- You have a right to a specific explanation of the abortion procedure and its potential risks and complications. You also have the right to know in full about other options for your pregnancy.

  • Change your mind- You have a right to change your mind at any time prior to when the procedure begins. There are organizations willing to refund your deposit, as well.

  • Physician- You have the right to insist that only a licensed physician perform your abortion. Check the physician's license status at the American Medical Association website.

  • Emergency care- You have the right to prompt care in the event of an emergency. Ask if the abortion doctor has admitting privileges to a nearby hospital for emergencies. Ask how emergencies are handled at the clinic.

  • Minors- You are protected by law from forced abortion. If you are being pressured or forced to have an abortion, call local police or A Hope Center for guidance in protecting your rights.

  • STD testing- You have a right to ensure your own safety. Any surgical procedure can be complicated by infection. Call A Hope center to get started with free limited STD testing before undergoing a surgical procedure.
Please be advised that A Hope Center is committed to giving accurate abortion education, but does not perform abortions or refer clients to abortion facilities.

Call or text 224-585-3544 for an appointment. Remember, no matter what the circumstances of your pregnancy, no matter what options you’re weighing … You are welcome here. You are safe here. You will find help here.