Pregnancy Options

An unplanned pregnancy presents you with three options. Our peer advocates are trained to help you examine all three – carefully, with compassion, and a nonjudgmental attitude. Rest assured we will treat you with respect as we help you assess each option’s difficulties, problems, and responsibilities.

There area three options: 

This choice is difficult when you feel your career, education, financial stability or relationships may be affected negatively by raising a child. Take your time. Parenting is a lifelong commitment and children are the biggest responsibility you will ever have. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this alone. With proper help and the confidence it instills, the rewards of parenting can greatly outweigh the challenges. A Hope Center has a comprehensive educational program (Earn While You Learn) to help equip you for parenthood and provide you with baby and maternity supplies. Earn While You Learn provides you with a personal peer advocate who will tailor the program specifically for you.

Quite often, this seems to be the most difficult choice to make, regardless of the impact it may have on your career, education, financial stability, and relationships. The idea of carrying a child for nine months and placing that child in the care of another family may seem emotionally impossible. Pregnant women considering adoption have their entire pregnancies in which to weigh the positive and negative aspects of this decision. The peer advocates at A Hope Center can help you work through the process with a comprehensive adoption curriculum. If you decide to place your baby with a family, we can help you develop the adoption plan that’s right for you.

When an unexpected pregnancy is seen as threatening to your career, education, financial stability, and relationships, it’s often difficult not to make this choice. Our trained peer consultants will gently, compassionately, in strict confidence, and without judgment help you examine circumstances causing you to consider ending your pregnancy. Your nurse and peer advocate will educate you on abortion procedures and discuss the potential physical risks as well as the issue of Post-Abortion Stress. We are totally committed to providing accurate abortion education. That said, A Hope Center does not perform abortions, nor do we refer clients to abortion facilities.

To make an appointment, call or text us at 224-585-3544. Remember, no matter the circumstances of your pregnancy, no matter the options you are weighing … You Matter. We Care.