Signs of Pregnancy

If you think you might be pregnant, confirm (either way) by getting a timely pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests measure pregnancy hormone and are usually accurate after a missed period. Signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. You are unique, and may experience some, all, or none of the following symptoms while pregnant:
  • a missed period
  • a period with less bleeding or of shorter length than usual
  • swollen or tender breasts
  • a frequent need to urinate
  • unusual tiredness/fatigue
  • nausea or vomiting
  • bloating or cramping
  • a change in appetite (either an increase or decrease)
  • a change in digestion (constipation or heartburn)
  • mood swings
  • weight gain or loss
If you have missed a period or experience any of these signs, come see us. The free medical-grade pregnancy tests administered by medical staff at A Hope Center are reported by the manufacturer to be over 99% accurate.
Please call 260-422-3544 or text 224-585-3544 for an appointment. Remember, no matter what the circumstances of your pregnancy, no matter the options you are weighing … You Matter. We Care.