Earn While You Learn Parenting Program

We have designed our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Parenting Program for women and men alike – individually or as couples. This is an assistance-through-education program that empowers parents with valuable information for the successful raising of their child. Expect to grow as a parent and as a person, as you work with a peer advocate or meet with a group at A Hope Center to complete the EWYL curriculum. Educational material is designed to specifically meet your needs. 

Calling all the moms with a baby under 12 months!
How did you learn about postpartum depression? How much mental health support did you get from your healthcare provider? What could they have done better? 
Are you willing to take this ANONYMOUS 5-10 minute survey to help create a mom-centered future for the care and education of postpartum depression? Survey Link
Sample topics covered in our curriculum include
  • prenatal care and bonding
  • prenatal development
  • nutrition
  • childbirth
  • newborn care
  • breast feeding and bottle feeding
  • early childhood growth and development
  • safety/first aid
  • SIDS prevention
  • infant temperaments
  • parent/child relationships
  • discipline
  • choosing child care
  • building self-esteem
  • healthy relationships
  • being an effective father: 24/7 Dad and Dr. Dad curriculum

Bonus Buck coupons are earned for each lesson so you can purchase baby and maternity items from our Bonus Room. Most supplies needed for your first year of parenting can be purchased in the Bonus Room.

Please call 260-422-3544 or text 224-585-3544 for an appointment. Remember … You Matter. We Care.