Post-Abortion Recovery Bible Study

Getting past the pain of an abortion- The help we offer for post-abortion recovery is always caring, compassionate, and confidential. Many women and men in the Fort Wayne area who struggled with adverse emotional and spiritual consequences of a past abortion choice have benefited from our services. They found that not only is everything they share with their peer consultants at A Hope Center held in strictest confidence (to the extent allowed by law) but they’re also not judged here. We won’t judge you, either.

We understand how difficult it is to deal with uncomfortable feelings after an abortion. We understand the loneliness you suffer, especially if friends or family are telling you, “Just get over it,” “It wasn’t that big a deal,” “Don’t worry; time heals everything,” or perhaps worse, “Look, it was your choice, so why are you upset about it now?”

Sound familiar? Trust us, you’re not alone. What you’re hearing is common to women and men in your situation. No doubt you, like them, are driven by such comments to keep your emotions inside and never talk about them.

But here at A Hope Center, we encourage you to talk, to let your emotions out, to unburden your feelings. Because we listen. And we have the knowledge that comes from experience to help you deal with your feelings effectively.

Adverse emotional outcomes tied to an abortion experience are often referred to as post-abortion stress.
There have been almost 56,000,000 abortions since 1973. You are not alone. Others hurt, too and they found a way to heal… 
Make the confidential call to A Hope Center at 260-422-3544. Remember … You Matter. We Care.